Why multicultural

Do you need insights into migrant or diaspora communities in Australia or overseas?

Red Elephant’s research services for migrant and multicultural segments are unmatched.

With over 50,000 surveys conducted in the last three years, Red Elephant delivers primary research studies in Australia and overseas, through their global network of research data collection centres.

A valued provider of the Australian Government, Red Elephant has provided research and insights based on Australian and international data collection.

Their unique, proprietary digital cultural database has the capacity to comprehensively search and pinpoint target markets by age, gender, location, language and more to deliver optimal results.

Red Elephant is committed to nurturing and growing relationships with community partners and leaders, organisations, ambassadors and resource centres, and leveraging these relationships to link brands to potential multicultural segments. These existing relationships mean that projects requiring focus-groups or detailed and extensive multicultural target market surveys can be completed quickly and effectively.

From informing strategy and policy to measuring effectiveness, data is the beginning and end point of every Red Elephant project.