About Us


Red Elephant Group is an award-winning multicultural engagement, marketing and insights agency that partners with governments, corporates and organisations to tap into Australia’s diverse multicultural audiences and their varied consumer preferences and behaviours.

Red Elephant Group uses data, research, analysis and insights to drive strategies, helping deliver outstanding results for partners in a range of specialist areas, but not at the expense of community engagement. This unique approach allows for highly integrated and meaningful engagement with cultural audiences, whilst driving results based on measurable analytics and outcomes.

Founded in 2007, Red Elephant is the brainchild of executive directors Reg Raghavan and Patrick Skene. Over the last decade of Red Elephant Group’s growth, the team has delivered meaningful results-based insights, strategy and partnerships for a diverse range of clients, from sporting associations to government, corporates and not-for-profit organisations. Get in touch to find out how Red Elephant Group can help you engage with your multicultural audiences.

Our team


Patrick Skene

Chief Executive Officer

Reg Raghavan

Chief Operating Officer

Anisha Mistry


Jake Swarts

Account Manager

Kat Chen

Marketing Coordinator

Vivek Thakkar

Senior Manager, Digital & Content

Fabio Nakai

Senior Multimedia Developer Specialist

Dee Raghavan

Manager - Engagement Marketing and Partnerships

Terrence Trujillo

Head of Sport

Suren Vis

  • Research, Data Driven Insights and Strategy

    Red Elephant Group provides meaningful data and insights to help decision makers execute successful campaigns.

    Red Elephant Group has a unique multicultural insights and data software system which visualises complex data and reduces it to actionable insights. With experience managing over 50,000 quantitative and qualitative surveys and an award-winning process, Red Elephant Group drives true and tangible results.

  • Deep Community Reach

    Red Elephant provides access to multicultural audiences through direct relationships with over 2000 cultural organisations and 5000 influencers across 200 community segments in Australia.

    Red Elephant understands the challenges of trying to reach these cultural communities, and has experience delivering solutions that ensure relevance, authenticity and effectiveness.

  • Results-driven Execution

    Red Elephant has an extensive track-record of work with global and local organisations running culturally proficient programs and campaigns with budgets exceeding $50m across eight countries.

    Our work is complete when your results are achieved.

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